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Department of Marine Recreation
*Department Features
a. While fostering specialized abilities in marine sports, we are also coping with our nation’s policy of developing marine sports, to fulfill which we try to bring up instructors of marine sports. In addition, we combine the demand of industrial growth together with national policy, cultivating managerial and administrative personnel for marine recreation industry. For adapting to the trend of global development, we are culturing talents who are apt at carrying out the research, preservation, and interpretation of marine ecological resources.
b. We have set up teaching devices of keelboat, sailboard, scuba diving, snorkeling, canoe, surf lifesaving, motor boat, and water skiing, professional interpretation and guidance classroom of coastal recreation, and weight training room, etc.  
*Professional Curriculum
 Basic skills of marine sports, introduction to marine science, introduction to marine sports and recreation, sport and health management, practice of surf lifesaving, practice of canoe training, practice of sailboat operation, practice of snorkeling operation, introduction to sports science, marine ecology and environment, exercise physiology, practice of sailboard operation, technological diving, waterside risk management and legal responsibility, motor boat practical training, diversification and preservation of marine biology, management of sport events, etc.
*Career for Graduates
 Further Studies: attain admission through registration of entrance examination held by graduate schools (majors relevant to marine sports, marine biology, sports, health and leisure, or tourism, etc.) at each domestic college and university, or applying for overseas universities for pursing a higher education or studying abroad.
 Employment: professional personnel for recreation service (staff at tourist attractions, customer service staff of recreation and entertainment, tour guide and guiding interpreter, R&D personnel of tourist commodities and products, resort hotel director)
 personnel of sports management (sports, leisure and recreation manager, waterside entertainment activities staff, lifeguard & surf rescue/coach, gym trainer/ associate fitness instructor in health/fitness center)
 personnel in yacht industry (yacht week designer, yacht captain/crew (a motor boat driver’s license is required), educational trainers of sailing yacht, managerial/administrative staff of maintenance and business operation).
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