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Spiritual Indicators

*University Logo

  University Emblem

 The university commissioned art instructor Ling-Gen Lan in 1995 to design its logo; it features both regional and academic elements.

 The university's logo is a combination of a circle and the English letters NPU. The dolphin in the inner portion represents the open and vibrant academic environment, brimming with vitality and vigor, as well as the limitless potential to explore and seek knowledge and pursue the advancement of wisdom. The color blue signifies reason, stability, and firmness. It represents the development of students with a stable personality, sound mind, and strong will.

 The white portion in the middle represents ocean waves. Students are expected to cultivate an open mind and a broad outlook, as well as to navigate the vast ocean of knowledge. The color white represents purity, brilliance, and equality, symbolizing the pure and spotless hearts of students, their bright future, and the nondiscriminatory instruction of teachers.

 The outer ring of the chrysanthemum is composed of petals. It represents the thriving vitality of our university, its spirit of unity, and its spirit of continuity. The color green symbolizes peace, growth, and hope, and represents our mission of peace and unity, the pursuit of excellence and progress, and the fulfillment of our ideals and aspirations.

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