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Human Resources


  1. Oversees human resource affairs
  2. Declaration of property  
  1. Organizational charter, staffing, instructor planning and control, accreditation affairs
  2. Instructor appointment, promotion and review
  3. Instructor’s letter of appointment, salary and annual salary raises
  4. Instructor’s review committee affairs
  5. Instructor as administration supervisor (academic affairs and position title seals), part-time work, part-time instruction and secondment, academic exchange, research (including sabbatical) 
  6. Project instructor affairs
  7. Instructor’s employment and resignation; issuing certificate of resignation and other instructor related certificates
  8. Evaluation of human resource affairs performance and data collection and sorting
  9. Principal selection process
  10. Faculty and staff training, on-the-job training, attendance documentation
  11. Completion of campus affairs basic database
  12. Submission and maintenance of human resource information system
  13. Management of human resource finances and budget
  14. Compiling human resource regulations
  15. Other assigned businesses 
*Division member
  1. Position affiliation, position census, staff manpower planning and control 
  2. Staff examination, distribution, appointment and dismissal, relocation, selection, salary negotiation and rank review 
  3. Staff performance evaluation, reward and punishment
  4. Employment and project specialist affairs
  5. Faculty and staff retirement, remuneration, severance, pension fund and care for retirees 
  6. Management of human resource staff members and administrative service satisfaction survey
  7. Staff member employment and resignation; issuing certificate of resignation and other related certificates
  8. Recognition of senior teaching excellence and other commendation
  9. Faculty and staff service award; recognition of excellent public servant
  10. Faculty and staff salary and benefits, health insurance, military insurance and public servant’s insurance 
  11. Allowances and welfare services
  12. Staff activities, housing loan service, attendance and leaves system affairs
  13. Position seals for staff member and contract/project specialists
*Legal specialist
  1. Various legal affairs of the school
  2. Faculty and staff security, complaints, appeals and administrative litigation affairs
  3. Affairs of administrative assistant (including performance evaluation, salary negotiation, employment and resignation, issuing certificate of resignation)
  4. Part-time student affairs
  5. Affairs of the Ministry of Science and Technology and other related organizations (including project assistant’s salaries and certificates of resignation)
  6. Official oversea travel summary report and China areas (including Hong Kong and Macao) travel report
  7. Employment and management of disabled individuals and aboriginals
  8. Gender equality and sexual harassment affairs
  9. Text messages on human resource services; faculty staff and contract employee’s list
  10. Successive mobilization and civil service ethics affairs (does not include property declaration)
  11. Administrative innovation and government commissioned contracts
  12. Engraving of administrative assistant’s position seals
*Administrative assistant
  1. Faculty and staff attendance management system affairs; vacation and travel subsidy affairs
  2. Faculty and staff directory; employee’s service ID
  3. Document reception and issuing
  4. Administrative businesses
  5. Document photocopies and typing
  6. Notification and transmission of human resource information
  7. Meeting venue arrangement and assistance
  8. Updating and maintenance of the human resource website information
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