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Office of the Secretariat

*Secretary General

  1. Coordination of the Secretariat’s functions
  2. Responsible for the principal’s authorization and official seal usage
  3. Acting on the principal’s order to assist all units in task implementation
  4. Acting on the principals’ additional assignments
  5. Authorization and proof reading of the school’s official letters
*Senior Executive Officer
  1. Compiling of the school’s annual task objectives and projects
  2. Inputting data into the academic affairs basic information system and handling of intra-campus seminars
  3. Monthly status report on the assignments of executive meetings 
  4. Monthly executive reports
  5. Collection of transfer list on unfinished or pending important assignments
  6. Communication and coordination with broadcast media; coordination of vehicle passes
  7. Assisting in the public relation press releases
  8. Clippings and submission of news reports from newspapers and magazines
  9. Communication, reception and gift presentation for visitors, foreign guests and principal’s guests
  10. Invitation of VIP guests for the school festival, sports day, inauguration ceremonies and graduation ceremonies; mailing of invitation cards, tallying of guest list, reception and mailing of thank-you letters 
  11. Other public-relation businesses
  12. Handling and record keeping of principal’s mails and official letters
  13. Arrangement of principal’s invitations and banquets
  14. Handling of the principal’s overseas travel, leaves and itinerary planning
  15. Purchase New Year’s greeting cards to send to colleagues and to assist the principal in sending the cards 
  16. Secretariat and Office of the Principal’s funding (including PR funding) request and write-off
  17. Handling of the Office of the Principal’s official letters
  18. Authorization of procurement funding request, write-offs and travel write-offs; seal application of cheques and contracts
  19. Other assigned businesses
  1. School accreditation affairs
  2. School visitation affairs
  3. Academic affairs meetings and minute recording
  4. Budget Auditing Committee affairs and meeting minutes
  5. Academic Affairs Foundation Management Committee affairs and meeting minutes
  6. Academic Affairs Development Counseling Committee affairs and meeting minutes
  7. Research Development and Evaluation affairs
  8. Handling of the Secretariat’s official documentation
  9. Other assigned businesses
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