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Oversee the office functions
  1. Final account statement, half-year statement, accounting report
  2. Printing, safekeeping and cancellation of receipts
  3. Campus budget control, review and authorization
  4. Other assigned businesses
  5. Annual opening and closing of account, account affair adjustment, application of budget retention 
*Division Member
  1. Pre-budget and budget planning, allocation, estimation forms of project expenditures in phases
  2. Cooperative education, education advocacy, filing of project subsidy, reporting forms, closing statement certification and review
  3. Handling of procurement projects (bidding and acceptance) 
  4. Printing, sorting and management of income and payment slips, certificates, books and statements 
  5. Statistical affairs
  6. Cash finance inspections and monitoring and inventory of properties
*Administrative assistance
  1. Assist in the issuing of financial slips and making of certificates
  2. Delivery of official documents
  3. Other assigned businesses
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