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*Administrative units

 Administrative units: one principal, one vice principal, Human Resources, Accounting, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, General Affairs, Research and Industry/University Cooperation, Library and Computer Center, Extension and Continuing Education.

  • Unites under Academic Affairs:Registration Division, Curriculum Division and Teaching Resource Center.
  • Units under Student Affairs:Student Life and Counseling Division, Physical Education Division, Extra Curriculum Activities Division and Health Center.
  • Units under General Affairs:Document Division, Affairs Division, Cashier Division, Maintenance Division, Property Management Division and Environment Safety Division.
  • Units under Research and Industry/University Cooperation:Research Planning Division, Internship and Employment Counseling Division, Island Enterprise Technological Incubation Center, and Cage Culture Industry Technology Research and Development Center.
  • Units under Library and Computer Center: Library Division, Information Technology Service Division and Art Center.

Administrative units

*Academic Units

 Academic Units: College of Marine Resources and Engineering, College of Tourism and Leisure, and College of Humanities and Management.

  • Faculty departments under the College of Marine Resources and Engineering:Department of Aquaculture (includes the Master of Aquatic Bio-resources and Aquaculture in Aquaculture), Department of Food Science (includes the Graduate School of Food Science), Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, Department of Communication Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering (includes the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science).
  • Faculty departments under the College of Tourism and Leisure:Department of Tourism and Leisure (includes the Graduate Institute of Tourism and Leisure Management), Department of Hospitality Management and Department of Marine Sports and Recreation.
  • Faculty departments under the College of Humanities and Management:Department of Information Management, Department of Marketing and Logistics Management, Department (includes the Graduate Institute of Service Management), Department of Shipping and Transportation Management, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, and the General Education Center.

Academic Units

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