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*Administrative units

 Administrative units: one principal, one vice principal, Human Resources, Accounting, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, General Affairs, Research and Industry/University Cooperation, Library and Computer Center, Extension and Continuing Education.

  • Unites under Academic Affairs:Registration Division, Curriculum Division and Teaching Resource Center.
  • Units under Student Affairs:Student Life and Counseling Division, Physical Education Division, Extra Curriculum Activities Division and Health Center.
  • Units under General Affairs:Document Division, Affairs Division, Cashier Division, Maintenance Division, Property Management Division and Environment Safety Division.
  • Units under Research and Industry/University Cooperation:Research Planning Division, Internship and Employment Counseling Division, Island Enterprise Technological Incubation Center, and Cage Culture Industry Technology Research and Development Center.
  • Units under Library and Computer Center: Library Division, Information Technology Service Division and Art Center.


Administrative units

*Academic Units

 Academic Units: College of Marine Resources and Engineering, College of Tourism and Leisure, and College of Humanities and Management.

  • Faculty departments under the College of Marine Resources and Engineering:Department of Aquaculture (includes the Master of Aquatic Bio-resources and Aquaculture in Aquaculture), Department of Food Science (includes the Graduate School of Food Science), Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, Department of Communication Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering (includes the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science).
  • Faculty departments under the College of Tourism and Leisure:Department of Tourism and Leisure (includes the Graduate Institute of Tourism and Leisure Management), Department of Hospitality Management and Department of Marine Sports and Recreation.
  • Faculty departments under the College of Humanities and Management:Department of Information Management, Department of Marketing and Logistics Management, Department (includes the Graduate Institute of Service Management), Department of Shipping and Transportation Management, Department of Applied Foreign Languages.
  • Committee of General Education:General Education Center、General Competence Center.


Academic Units

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