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Library and Computer Center

*Library Division
 Collection of scientific literatures with academic value, assists in teaching activities and research projects, and supply convenient electronic learning resources; encourage building of reading habits in students and use of information system. A library advisory committee is also established to assist in library affairs, consultation, development and other general affairs.

*Information Technology Service Division
 Main tasks are: maintenance of the campus network system; building campus network and communication system and connects to the Taiwan Academic Network and the Internet; maintains internet service and e-mail system. Other tasks are to promote computerization of administrative affairs, network education, management of the campus computer hardware and software, consultation service, and assist the government agencies of Penghu county on organizing education training on information systems. 

*Art Center
 The Art Center of the university is also the demonstration center of modern visual arts for the Penghu area. Our audience includes the faculty, employees, students and residents of Penghu. We fulfill the need for humanities and sensible education within the university and act as a database and demonstration platform for modern arts and local innovative industries of the Penghu area. 

Updated:2018-08-16 AM 11:47:30