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Library Regulations

  1. The Library is open to the following people:
  • NPU faculty, staff and students
  • Residents of Penghu County who are 12 years old or above and those who are library card holders
  • All ROC citizens who are 18 years old or above
  1. To enter the library, NPU faculty, staff and students must show a library card or faculty/staff/student ID card; people from outside the campus must show a library card or valid ID (National ID card, driver license, passport, NHI IC Card, student/teacher ID card from other schools) and register at the circulation desk.
  2. Readers in the library should dress neatly and must not disturb other people or enter any non-open space without permission
  3. No food, beverage or animals are allowed in the library.  Smoking, talking, laughing and reciting out loud are also prohibited.  Readers in the library should not use cell phones or any other communication facilities that may disturb the quiet environment.
  4. The computers in the library are for readers to look up library catalogs or databases and should not be linked to BBS (Bulletin Board Station) or be used to receive or send E-Mails, surf the internet or play computer games.
  5. Readers in the library should not move any desk, chair and equipment or reserve any seats.  Make sure to bring all your belongings with you when you leave.  The Library does not accept any responsibility for the safety of your property.
  6. Any matter or event not provided in the context of this Regulation should be operated pursuant to the relevant Library rules.
Updated:2018-08-16 PM 01:35:11