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Staff and Contact Information

Staff and Contact Information
Title Name Extension Email Affairs
Library Director Ying Fen, Hong 1801 General Library Affairs
Head of Technology Services Department Szu Yu, Kuo 1802 Assisting general operation of library
Head of Information Services Department Ming-Hao, Hung 1915 ※ Campus network system maintenance
※ Promote computerization of school affairs administration
※ Maintain entire school computer system and related soft/hardware equipment
※ Assistance to information education and training
Head of Art Center Gwo-Wei Hung 1821 ※ In charge of center operation
※ Prepare Art Activity
Senior Clerk Yen- Hui, Lin 1825 ※ Library budgets and accounting
※ Purchasing of Western Language Books and E-books
※ Cataloging of Western Language Books and E-books
※ Organization of VOD and Audio Books Contents
※ Purchase of Multimedia Materials and Equipment
※ Management of Multimedia Center
Senior Clerk Yu-Hsuan, Chang 1816 ※ Issues Concerning
※ Management and Shelving of On-Hold Books
※ Services for Reader Disputes
Senior Clerk Chining Hua,Kuo 1826 ※ Purchasing of Chinese、Foreign Periodicals
※ Cataloging of Chinese Foreign Periodicals
※ Inter-library Services Reference Librarian
※ Maintenance and Update of Digitized Library Database System
※ Computer Adminstration Reference Services
Senior Clerk Yi-chen,chen 1815 ※ Purchasing of Chinese Books and E-books
※ Cataloging of Chinese Books and E-books
※ Purchasing of Japanese Books
※ Cataloging of Japanese Books
※ Management of Donated Books
Senior Technician Shu-Mei, Tsai 1913 ※ Administrative service and management
※ Network university service and management
※ Arrange and manage funds budget
※ Computer software purchase and management
※ Computer classroom maintenance and management
※ Handle education and training plans
※ Part-time students training and management
Contract Technician Chi-Wen, Chi 1912 ※ Campus network planning and management
※ Establish and manage host system
※ Network resources maintenance and consultation
Contract Associate Clerk Wen-Shian, Shiu 1917 ※ School affairs system maintenance and management
※ Information security and management
※ Property rights related service
※ School Homepage planning and maintenance


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