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Staff and Contact Information

Staff and Contact Information
Title Name Extension Email Affairs
Library Director JIAN-LUN, HONG 1801 General Library Affairs
Head of Technology Services Department Guo-Wei, Hong 1802 Assisting general operation of library
Head of Information Services Department Ming-Hao, Hung 1915 ※ Campus network system maintenance
※ Promote computerization of school affairs administration
※ Maintain entire school computer system and related soft/hardware equipment
※ Assistance to information education and training
Head of Art Center JUN-YI, LU 1821 ※ In charge of center operation
※ Prepare Art Activity
Senior Clerk Yen- Hui, Lin 1825 ※ Library budgets and accounting
※ Purchasing of Western Language Books and E-books
※ Cataloging of Western Language Books and E-books
※ Organization of VOD and Audio Books Contents
※ Purchase of Multimedia Materials and Equipment
※ Management of Multimedia Center
Senior Clerk Rou-Zhen, Wu 1816 ※ Issues Concerning
※ Management and Shelving of On-Hold Books
※ Services for Reader Disputes
Senior Clerk Chining Hua,Kuo 1826 ※ Purchasing of Chinese、Foreign Periodicals
※ Cataloging of Chinese Foreign Periodicals
※ Inter-library Services Reference Librarian
※ Maintenance and Update of Digitized Library Database System
※ Computer Adminstration Reference Services
Senior Clerk Yu-Hsuan, Chang 1815 ※ Purchasing of Chinese Books and E-books
※ Cataloging of Chinese Books and E-books
※ Purchasing of Japanese Books
※ Cataloging of Japanese Books
※ Management of Donated Books
Senior Technician Shu-Mei, Tsai 1913 ※ Administrative service and management
※ Network university service and management
※ Arrange and manage funds budget
※ Computer software purchase and management
※ Computer classroom maintenance and management
※ Handle education and training plans
※ Part-time students training and management
Contract Technician Chi-Wen, Chi 1912 ※ Campus network planning and management
※ Establish and manage host system
※ Network resources maintenance and consultation
Junior Technician Tien-Hao,Cheng 1911 ※ School affairs system maintenance and management
※ Information security and management
※ Property rights related service
※ School Homepage planning and maintenance
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