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General Affairs

*Affairs Division

  1. Management of the whole campus property and service procurement
  2. Workers and security guard’s daily work dispatch; attendance and performance evaluation
  3. Labor’s insurance, health insurance and payment application
  4. Maintenance of campus environment and sanitation
  5. Dispatch and management of official vehicles
  6. Management of the International Conference Hall, Auditorium and meeting room at the Experiment Building, meeting rooms at the student activity center and administrative building 
  7. Campus protection affairs
  8. Other assigned businesse
*Document Division
  1. Document reception
  2. Document distribution
  3. Document issue
  4. Expediting of overdue documents
  5. Tally on processing time of official documents
  6. Receiving, filing, collection (including electronic storage) and safekeeping of closed official documents
  7. Delivery of catalogs to the file competent authority agency
  8. Editing and revision of filing classification and retention years
  9. File examination
  10. File application
  11. File sorting, destruction and transfer
  12. Regulations on usage of official seals
  13. Seals on certificates, contracts and documents
  14. Posting of official mail
  15. Mail reception, sorting and distribution
  16. Registration, distribution and pick-up of registered mails and packages
*Property Management Division
  1. Authorization and revision of the regulations on property management
  2. House property registration
  3. Application of land use license for campus building 
  4. Submission of plans for altered usage of National Property
  5. Inventory of state-owned lands
  6. Authorization and revision of regulations on the renting and allocation of faculty and employee dormitories 
  7. Renting of faculty and employee dormitories
  8. Property inspection record of faculty and employee dormitories
  9. Property fire insurance
  10. Dormitory network system 
  11. Basic information of the technology and junior college affairs
  12. Registration, management and monthly report of properties
  13. Property lending, scrapping and inventory
  14. Inventory and scrapping of non-consumables
  15. Reports on property transfer and non-consumables
  16. Submission of monthly reports on property changes and balance sheets
  17. Filing and management of non-consumables
  18. Filing and submission of properties and the reporting of the total property catalogue of the fiscal year
  19. Property ledger, controlled account and account management 
  20. Non-consumables ledger, controlled account and account management
*Maintenance Division
  1. Promotion or assisting in promotion of new constructions
  2. Staff work on campus planning
  3. Procurement of construction services
  4. Supervision and management of construction designs
  5. Design, repair and maintenance of civil engineering, architecture and interior renovation 
  6. Design, repair and maintenance of plumbing and electrical construction of the campus buildings
  7. Repair and maintenance of public elevator, central air-conditioning, high voltage electricity, generator and internal telephone lines 
  8. Management, repair, design and maintenance of campus-wide fire extinguishing facility
  9. Management and maintenance of campus-wide water supply system
*Cashier Division
  1. Preparation and issuance of faculty and employee salaries, transportation subsidy, hourly fees, performance bonuses and year-end bonuses
  2. Entry of cash receipts and various payment (remittance) operation
  3. Issuance and payment of cheques and various receipts
  4. Withholding of various income tax, National Health Insurance, pension funds, home loan and court deductions; receipt and payment of various fees 
  5. Deposit, management and withdrawal of various items in custody (e.g. securities)
  6. Deposit, withdrawal and renewed deposit of National Treasury’s time deposits; management of deposit slips 
  7. Collaboration with Bank of Taiwan to deliver payment forms on tuition, miscellaneous fees and accommodation fees to students
  8. Collection of summer studies, deferred studies and elective credit fees
  9. Management, issuance, billing and payment request of petty fund 
  10. Statistics, sorting and declaration of various incomes
  11. Reconciliation of balances of deposits and withdrawals of special public treasury fund accounts and the preparation of various accounting statements
  12. Other assigned businesses 
*Environment Safety Division
  1. Management of potable water
  2. Management of resource recycling
  3. Management and handling of laboratory waste fluids and business waste
  4. Management of energy saving
  5. Management of toxic chemical substances
  6. Management of environment-protection related affairs
  7. Management of campus environment and safety
  8. Occupational safety and health affairs
  9. Laboratory safety and sanitation management and evaluation
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