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Student Affairs

*Student Life and Counseling Division

1. Campus safety
Safekeeping the student’s safety both on- and off-campus and the safety of the campus; prevention of accidents; implement effective measures to reduce the damages caused by sporadic spontaneous events and major disasters. 

2. Student life counseling
Assistance in student life, counseling and care, substance abuse and safe sex education, and advocacy of traffic safety. 

3. Military training 
Military training for service period deduction, selection of reserve officer and non-commissioned officer, armed forces recruit, and general education on national defense. 

4. Military service for students
All male freshmen must submit a military service survey during registration for the purpose of application for suspended drafting up to 4 years, so that male students can study undisturbed, and male students who have completed military service will not be affected by education or muster recalls. However, suspended drafting is cancelled within 1 month after the student is suspended or withdrawn from the study.
5. Dormitory service 
(1) Student dormitory management and service
(2) Off-campus housing service
6. Diligence Assessment
Manage and tally student absenteeism according to the regulations on student leaves, communication with parents and record of student behaviors. 
7. Deduction of tuition and miscellaneous student fees 
Tuition and miscellaneous student fee deduction by reviewing the student’s specific status.
8. Student emergency aid
Provide appropriate financial aids for students with financial difficulties or experiencing major physical or mental suffering, so that the student is able to complete his/her study; review and dispense emergency aid  (emergency relief) funds.
*Physical Education Division
Division Chief
1. Planning of sports and physical activities
2. Annual physical education planning
3. Campus wide physical education administration and competition affairs
4. Drafting of various physical education management regulations
5. Budget for physical education
6. Expenses and write-off affairs  
1. General administrative official letters to the Ministry of Education
2. Preparation and planning of campus sports days
3. Support campus wide sport competitions and additional businesses
4. Application of physical education scholarships and sport excellence affairs
5. Reporting of various sport results
6. Equipment and venue renting affairs
7. Minutes of various division affairs meetings
8. Management and rental of sporting equipment
9. Athletic rewards and punishments
10. Selection and supervision of part-time manpower
11. Allocation of part-time hours and management of part-time students
12. Application and issue of weight training certificates
*Extra-Curricular Activities Division
Division Chief 
1. General management of extra-curricular activities division affairs
2. Allocate routine tasks of extra-curricular activities division
3. Allocation and management of division budget
4. Other assigned businesses
Executive secretary of the Service Learning Committee 
1. General management of the committee affairs
2. Planning, promotion and implementation of the committee affairs 
Contractual Secretary 
1. Planning of academic activities (weekly meetings) schedules.
(1) Organize campus-wide student and teacher seminars
(2) Organize campus-wide academic affairs meetings
2. Student loan affairs
3. Announcement, application and issue of student grants
(1) Application and communication of education grants from the Ministry of Education’s Education Property Foundation
(2) Assistance plans for disadvantaged college and university students
(3) Scholarship for disabled students
(4) Scholarship for aboriginal students
(5) Scholarship for students from low-income households or experiencing a major catastrophe
(6) Grants for graduate students
(7) Announcement and application of various off-campus grants and scholarships
4. Allocation of on-campus part-time hours and management of part-time students.
5. Student aid affairs. 
Project Manager 
1. General administrative letters to the Ministry of Education
2. Organization of school festivals (graduation ceremonies and school festival activities)
3. Off-campus activities and advocacy letters
4. Club activity affairs
(1) Establishment of student clubs and activity application and management
(2) Counseling of on-campus and off-campus club services
(3) Completion and implementation of club activity proposals
(4) Evaluation of student clubs (campus and off-campus)
(5) Certification of student club activity passports
(6) Registration and review of student clubs and publications
(7) Payment of hourly fees for club supervising teachers.
5. Management of rental for General Hall and Sound Control room at the gymnasium of the student activity center
6. Purchase and planning of club equipment and items
7. Other assigned businesses
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