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Research and Industry/University Cooperation

 In accordance with the national economic and technology development, the university has established the Division of Research and Development to promote campus research and development and as service contact to the external units. Our objectives are to effectively utilize the university’s faculty and academic resources, strengthening technological exchange between the government and industries, promote industrial and technological advancement. We also encourage our faculty to conduct project research with various public or private enterprises, and to actively seeking internship and employment consultation for the students, bringing education and industry collaboration together. Additionally, we oversee the intermediate-long-term development planning of the university and international collaboration. Under the Research and Industry/University Cooperation, we have established the Research Planning Division, Internship and Employment Counseling Division, and the two major centers - Island Enterprise Technological Incubation Center and Cage Culture Industry Technology Research and Development Center. The current staff members include the Director of R&D, two section chiefs, two Directors of the centers, and five division members.

Updated:2018-08-16 AM 11:26:31