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Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering
*Department Features
a. The educational goal and task of our department is to cultivate talents with skills and knowledge of information engineering to satisfy the need for qualified personnel in computer science, electronics, or other relevant industries in domestic and Penghu areas.
b. Based on the two main directions of “network technology and services” and “digital content and adoption” for curriculum design, we offer relevant major elective subjects, the content of which involves computer games, network technology, embedded system, and digital archives, etc.
c. So far, our department has established network system lab, software system lab, embedded system lab, project research laboratory, and study room, etc., offering students an excellent learning environment.
*Professional Curriculum
 Computer programming, introduction to computer network, assembly language and computer system program, computer organization, microprocessor, object-oriented programming, java language programming, system-on-a-chip adoption, multimedia technology and application, advanced algorithms, FPGA principles and design, Unix/Linux system, set-top box, mobile device programming, computer animation, ethical hacking techniques (certified ethical hackers), internet programming, virtual reality, embedded system, new generation internet and protocol, etc. 
*Career for Graduates
 Further Studies: attain admission through registration of entrance examination held by graduate schools (majors relevant to electrical engineering, electronics, and electro-optical engineering, etc.) at each domestic or overseas college and university for pursing a higher education.
 Employment: graduates are qualified for the job positions in computer or IT related industries. 
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