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Department of Communication Engineering
*Department Features
a. Our department is one of the few departments specialized in communication engineering throughout the entire country. The purpose of our establishment is to foster talents with professional capability in both “communication and signal processing” and “radio frequency and microwave” fields, together with the quality of basic electronic literacy so as to improve the standard and technique of domestic communications industry.
b. Our department building is equipped with the most advanced facilities. We especially value those radio frequency apparatuses, the key equipment of wireless communication such as electronic laboratory, digital signal processing laboratory, broadband communication laboratory, radio frequency circuit laboratory, microwave un-reflected (anechoic) chamber, fiber-optic communication laboratory, etc. We have also set up the examination hall of Level B & C Technician test for communication technology.
*Professional Curriculum
 Computer programming, circuitry, signals and systems, digital logic design lab, electronics, electronics lab, communication systems, communication systems lab, electromagnetism, technological adoption of multimedia, wireless communication systems, microwave circuit, microwave circuit lab, digital signal processing, fundamentals and application of antenna, electric filter design, introduction to mobile communications, introduction to design of large-scale integrate circuit, introduction to optical fiber, practice of digital signal processing chip, chip design for communication baseband, array antenna design, satellite communication systems, communication and scattering of radio waves, etc.
*Career for Graduates
 Further Studies: attain admission through registration of entrance examination held by graduate schools (majors relevant to electrical engineering, electronics, and electro-optical engineering, etc.) at each domestic or overseas college and university for pursing a higher education.
 Employment: hot industries related to telecommunications and communications. Job positions such as electrical engineer and RF engineer, etc.
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