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Department of food science/ Institute of food science
*Department Features
a. We try to foster talents that possess the specialized abilities of food R&D, safety control, quality control, etc. through training the knowledge and capability in food science field.
b. We set up professional practice units including “food microbiology lab”, “food experiential analysis lab”, “agricultural and fishery products/food processing”, “evaluation room”, etc. In the meanwhile, our department also cooperates with many enterprises from island of Taiwan, offering students various opportunities of receiving off-campus internship and workplace attachment training.
c. We own the examination hall of Level B Technician test, supporting students in obtaining qualification certificates of “Level B Technician for Food Inspection and Analysis”, “Professional Health Food Engineer-Entry”, and “HACCP”.
*Career for Graduates
 Further Studies: attain admission through screening and recommendation or registration of entrance examination held by graduate schools (majors relevant to food product field) at each domestic or overseas college and university for pursing a higher education.
Employment: one may choose to apply for the position in a food company, dietary supplement company, food inspection agency, biotechnology company, and pharmaceutical factory.
*Professional Curriculum
 General chemistry, general chemistry laboratory, analytical chemistry, analytical chemistry laboratory, organic chemistry, microbiology, microbiological laboratory, food processing, food processing lab, food chemistry laboratory, food analysis, food analytical laboratory, food microbiology, food microbiological laboratory, safety production technology of fishery food, lab for safety production technology of fishery food, fishery food manufacturing laboratory, fishery food, biochemistry, food biotechnology, biochemistry experiments, analysis of food instruments, food engineering, food sanitation and safety, application instrumental analysis , threpsology, food evaluation experiments, business and management of food factories, etc. 
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