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Department of Hospitality Management
*Department Features
a. It is our goal and errand to cultivate talents with specialized managerial skills in hospitality service industry and promote the development of hospitality industry in Penghu area.
b. In order that our students’ creativity and pragmatic experience of industrial field training can be advanced and accumulated, our department especially arranges for students to participate in off-campus internship which lasts for a year.
c. Our department building is equipped with facilities and simulators for catering practice (practice restaurant, practice countertop, practice restaurants of both Chinese and occidental cuisine, baking laboratory, culinary demonstration laboratory, computerized point of service system, and low-carbon food and beverage R&D center under construction) and hotel practice (front desk operation and reservation system/service, computer lab, hotel simulator, international conference hall).
*Professional Curriculum
 English for hospitality, cutting technique and culinary skill, introduction and practice of pastry baking, hotel business and management, and fundamentals of food and food preparation, food & beverage operation and management, practice and management of customer service, English for housekeeping, practice and management of housekeeping, kitchenware equipment project and management, strategic management in hospitality industry, creative cooking, banquet planning and management, hotel internship, exotic cuisines and catering cultures, knowledge of tea and practice of meals and food, hospitality industry purchasing, advanced quality management in the hospitality industry, food & beverage cost control, etc.
*Career for Graduates
 Further Studies: attain admission through screening and recommendation or registration of entrance examination held by graduate schools at each domestic or overseas college and university for pursing a higher education.
 Employment: one may serve a post in hotel industry, restaurant business, tourism and recreation industry or choose to become a teaching and administrative staff in other relevant fields.
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