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Department of Tourism and Leisure / Institute of Tourism and Leisure Management
*Department Features
a. To foster talents who possess touring and sightseeing specialties and global vision plus international perspective, we adapt to the trend of development of domestic tourism while assist in boosting the tourist service in Penghu. We expect to bring up managerial and administrative personnel such as tour guide, escort, and project/event planner in island tourism, marine recreation, and tourist industry.
b. Internship institution: well-known tourism groups, travel agencies, leisure farms and recreation activities, and other civil organizations, etc. from both domestic and abroad.
c. Students can also choose to partake in exchange student program where they will be able to learn courses at least for an entire semester.
Taiwan: National Gaoxiong University of Hospitality and Tourism, National Gaoxiong University of Applied Sciences, National Taiwan Sport University, and National Jinmen University, etc.
Mainland China: Xiamen University, Jimei University, Shanghai Ocean University, Zhejiang Ocean University, and Liming Vocational University, etc.
Overseas: Meizhou University in Thailand and Ton Duc Thang University in Vietnam.
d. Our department has sited professional units such as “the center for continuing education and training and the training & testing center of Domestic Tour Leader Certification and International Air Fares and Ticketing Certification”, “the test hall for International Award in Barista Skills”, “drafting classroom”, etc. In the meantime, we are continuously promoting international industry-academic cooperation and exchange student program for expanding the mechanism of our students’ overseas internship and visit. 
*Professional Curriculum
 Introduction to tourism and leisure, sightseeing geography, practice of international etiquette, travel management, tourism law and policy, tour planning, introduction to leisure planning, service management, resource survey of tourism and leisure, Japanese for tourism, English for tourism, practice of pragmatic training preparations, tourism E-business, introduction to national parks and national scenic area, planning and management of MICE industry, agricultural tourism management, practice of guiding interpretation, landscape architecture design, creative industry and product design, introduction to tourism casino, strategic management for tourism, ecology of maritime space, etc.
*Career for Graduates
 Further Studies: attain admission through registration of entrance examination held by graduate schools (majors relevant to tourism, leisure, and recreation, etc.) at each domestic or overseas college and university for pursing a higher education.
 Employment: travel agency, airline, planner, MICE company, business related to resort/tourist hotel, club, B&B, tour manager, tour guide, tour leader, interpreter in national parks or national scenic areas, and relevant governmental departments/bureau (Tourism Bureau, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Agriculture and Fishery Bureau, etc.).
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